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Eliminate stress.

Invigorate your mind, body, and spirit


Tracey Gosnay is a Yoga Therapist with over 1500 hours experience and a Rehabilitation Therapist working with motor vehicle and work-related accident clients. Tracey offers a variety of formats for evaluation and body reading. She responds with appropriate yoga and rehabilitation practices for optimal healing with specific health conditions and musculoskeletal injuries and imbalances. Tracey has been to India and completed a Holistic Yoga Therapy Program.  Tracey also specializes in Yoga 4 Cancer and has completed extensive training specializing in yoga for Cancer patients and reducing symptoms.

Suspension Yoga

Explore the benefits of challenging asanas such as arm balances and backbends in a supportive and safe way.

Private One on One Sessions

Experience the benefits of working one on one with Tracey to meet your individual needs.

Vinyasa Yoga

Experience a Vinyasa practice with a vital vigorous yoga flow.

Chair Yoga

Experience seated stretches to relieve back pain and increase flexibility.

Yoga Nidra

Experience levels of deep relaxation with an inspired guided meditation that will transform your whole being.

Gentle Yoga

Experience a gentle yoga class that meets you where you are.

Yoga for Arthritis & Osteoporosis

Regain and maintain healthy bones through safe ways to build and strengthen your bones no matter your level of experience.